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This Corporate Profile is being published as the Galaxy Group of Companies approach to 27th year of business…. and 27 years of history is quite a long period. There are a lot of companies similar to Galaxy's business in Malaysia which is not able to last for more than 10 over years, in fact, it is not easy to sustain. To keep the company for 27 years and to maintain the key persons with you for 27 years, it is really a long task... As a married couple, how many of them can sustain more than 25 years? As a human being, if we have been together for so many years even loving couple would also have conflict in between, therefore I am glad to say that there are certain key persons in Galaxy who have been with the Company for more than 25 years.

"The Keynote to keep the Directors, Managers and Staffs for so many years, it needs a big heart to tolerance and to give way when carry out the task."

As the founder of Galaxy Group of Companies, I really wish that the business path of GGOC would carry on and continue to grow with more followers to support. The nature of business can be changed after so many years due to the change of technology, but the method and attitude of the Management would never change. The Galaxy's culture, human touch and the tolerance among the Board of Directors, even after the millions of years should not be changed as well, it is just like the ship in the ocean, even if hit by big storm, it will not sink, it will still carry on sailing for many years to come.

Thank you, let's look forward for a better Galaxy Group of Companies!

Dato' Thomas Khung Fanen, DPTJ, JP
Group Chairman