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First of all, I would like to thank our Group Chairman for his confidence and trust in me to take over the immense responsibility as Group Managing Director/ Group Deputy Chairman for Galaxy Group of Companies. I want to personally thank you to our customers, business partners, staff and friends for the trust and support you have provided me and I would like to reaffirm my commitment to all of you.

As the new captain of the ship, I can not ask for anything more than our talented and passionate team here at Galaxy. I am also incredibly grateful for our outstanding and diverse client base in Asean countries and our strong network of support in the market. Therefore, we try our very best to meet all the needs and expectations of our loyal supporters. During the course of the year, our teams did tremendous work to refresh and realign our strategies to each of our core business.


As a whole, our business is facing strong head wind mostly due to the rapid change in our domestic environment and political landscape. This has led to the decline of our bottom line over the last few years. With the further tightening of government budget due to the low oil prices, our business are negatively impacted this year. Galaxy is going through tough times, but this also provides all of us with the opportunity to find a way to bring new resources and revenues to the organization.

Besides, factors such as human resource, level of job commitment, and work behavior in the young workforce have also affected our progress. We firmly believe that constant training and carrying out development programs are more holistic approaches to improve staff competency and talent retention.


We are establishing the Medium-Term Management 5-years plan, which will be implemented immediately right after our AGM 2016.

The objective for the 5 years Medium-Term business plan is to drastically improve our yearly turnover and ensure stable earning by establishing a firm business foundation based on the 9 business pillars, which are:

1) Education and Teaching related Solutions
2) Digital Printing and Digital Print Finishing related Solutions
3) Digital Imaging, Archiving and Digital Library related Solutions
4) High Tech and Wireless Robotic Technology related Courseware
5) Green and Renewable Technology related Courseware
6) Cyber Security, Networking and Mobile Forensic Technology related Courseware
7) 3D Concept Technology related Solutions
8) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) related Solutions
9) Property Management & Logistic related Business Solutions

It is no exaggeration to say that our business performance for the next 5 years will determine the future of Galaxy. We need to create sustainable business to ensure Sustainable Growth and Sustainable Profit. As so, we will continue to take calculated business risks by fully utilizing our financial envelope.

We do not have a choice but to move forward. I can't do it alone, all the Galaxians have to share the same vision and mission by giving your absolute best to the company in order to achieve our goals.

I am optimistic that we are capable to not only regain our former success but also go beyond that at end of our 1st Medium Term 5 years plan.

In conclusion, I would like to hear from you to understand how we can better serve you and to share the exciting goals we have set. We all look forward to exceeding your expectations. Thank you for your continuos support.

"The sky is our limit!"


首先,我想借此感谢我们的集团主席对我的信心和信任,让我接下宇宙集团董事经理兼集团副主席这个重任。还有我也想亲自感谢所有的客户 ,业务伙伴,员工以及朋友对我的信赖和支持,在这里,我要重申我一定会兑现对大家的承诺。

作为一位船舶的新队长,我要求的只是一个有才华和激情的团队。宇宙集团在各个东盟国家拥有不同规模并优秀的客户群,只因我们有强大的 支持网络,所以在市场已经是占有一席之地。所有关于我们的忠心顾客群和新的支持者们的需求及期望,我们都会尽量做得最好。然而,在宇 宙集团的每个核心业务,我们的团队做出了巨大的刷新和重新调整的策略工作。


整体而言,宇宙集团的业务正面临着强大的逆风,主要原因是我们国内的环境和政治迅速变化导致了我们的业务在过去几年里的下降。随着政 府的预算进一步的收紧,低油价,我们的业务也相应的在今年受到负面的影响。宇宙集团正在经历艰难的时刻,但是"有危才有机",这也让 我们有机会找到一种方法带来新的资源和收入的组织。

然而,人力资源的因素,年轻的一代对工作的态度及承诺,也会影响我们的进步。我坚信,通过不断的培训和发展计划将可以提高员工的工作 能力,而且可以更全面把人才留住。





不夸张的说,对于未来的5年的经营业绩将决定宇宙集团的未来。我们需要创造一个可持续增长和有盈利的业务。我们将继续充分的利用资金并 精准的计算出各业务的风险。

在没有选择余地,我们只能继续前进,但不是我一人可以独自做到这一点,我需要宇宙员工们能够把所有的热情全神注入公司以达到我们共同 拥有的愿景和使命。

我是个乐观的人,相信在进行这个5年中型管理层经营大计后,宇宙集团将可以回到过去的光辉及达成未来的愿景。让我们继续前进,打开新的 机遇及新天地!

最后,希望可以听取您宝贵的意见并进一步的了解您的需求,让我们可以做得更好地为您服务,一起分享更多令人振奋的目标。期待可以超越 您对我们的期望。谢谢您一路以来的支持。