The Scope of Business

• Concepts, Graphic and Artwork Development
• Full Colour Digital & Offset Printing Services
• Promotional Materials Brochures /
Leaflets / Flyers / Coupons Newsletters /
• Corporate Items Business Cards /
Letterheads, Envelopes, D.O., Invoices & etc
• Company Profiles / Annual Reports
• Others - Diaries / Calendars / Organizers / Planners / Gift Boxes / Shopping Bags

Our newly installed digital printing facilities.


About Us


Century Nation Sdn Bhd had been established in 1995 as the printing services company.CNSB committed to provide the highest service levels and support through CTP Technology while remaining to be successful in the increasingly high competitive and demanding market place.CNSB always being proactive in facing the challenges from the market place that would have high demands on sophisticated and comprehensive printing requirements.CNSB always emphasizing on "Quality First" to provide to the Customers with the highest quality satisfactory performances. It had constantly been upgrading and investing in the latest Desktop Publishing Technology and post/Pre-press Equipment to meet the high demand. It believes that the key to deliver customer satisfaction would be to provide the highest quality services that would constantly scrutinizing and reviewing right from Desktop Publishing to the latest technology and delivery it on to the stage.Commercial printing had been one of the major service for CNSB.

CNSB also specializing in the Conceptual Creative Development, Graphic Design, Online Digital Printing and as well as the Promotional Materials. CNSB also acting as the Graphic Solution Provider to support to Galaxy Group of Companies. In addition, CNSB continuously involving in research and development on printing methods so that to enhance its printing expertise due to rapid advancement in the world on Information Technology as well as in the Printing Segments.Due to the Advance in ICT which had not only transformed the way of printing but also the way of doing business in printing industry. We had began to provide the digital printing services to our clientele since 2007.

Today, we had invested quite substantial amount of money in the state of the art digital printing equipments in our factory. Our business had been increased two (2) fold since the beginning of year 2009 because we were able to increase our productivity with the better quality products and faster deliveries to our customers.CNSB had been strived to become the well-known market player with its own brand of products and services which emphasizing on the creativity, innovation and qualitative of impressions. Its targeted on the main distribution networks in China and Asia Pacific Regions. It would further extending to other regions in the future. CNSB aimed to become the "One-Stop Marketing Solution Provider" by incorporating both Digital and Offset Printing Technologies into the Customers Marketing Plan. It would further diversifying the services into the Multimedia, Photography, Voice Recording and Database Mailing Services.By focusing on the Conceptual Design and Development, CNSB moving aggressively towards the Graphic Art Industry that would heading into the digital era to meet the high demand of the growing market place.

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